Friday, July 01, 2005

I am having a great time on the road already. Right now I am hangin in Howard's room as they kicked me out of mine at checkout. We are waiting for a pickup. Howard is watching CNN which is a new experience for me already. Seriously though, I learn so much being around this guy. From simple stuff like (don't be cheap....! that is why I am wireless in the hotel room right now)

His passion for music rubs off too. I love listening to music with him. Even more interesting when it is stuff that he plays on. So many great stories.

We perform at four pm here in Ottawa today in Confedreation Park. Happy Canada Day!!

Cant be as hot as our gig in Toronto yesterday which was fun.

I hear the sun will be in our eyes.....NO!!! Oh well. Great to be on the road again seeing lots of old friends and making new ones.


I will write again when we arrive in Montreal tonight.



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