Monday, July 18, 2005


Here I am, 33,000( or so Howard says) feet above sea level and I am online. Too cool. Apparently this is the first airline to have this. High speed as we speed towards Iceland en route to Stockholm.

This SAS airline is the real deal. Beats the hell out of the little trips we take for regional gigs anyways. Even the food was prett good.

I guess when we arrive it will be about 7am and apparently the sun rises there at 4am. Howard now is deciding to tell me a story...but I told him I only have the thirty minutes on this connection.

Stormy Monday is the topic. The eagle flys on friday means payday...yah, its stream of consciousness way up here baby.

I better go get some email....looks a little busy on that front.

drop me a line up here okay!! Look up....way up!

tim in the sky


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