Saturday, June 11, 2005

I was all set to write a long blog about yesterday but used up all my energy writing other emails...

Dylan and I went to see Daniel Lanois play an in-store at Sams. It was great. Brian Blade on drums, really nice guy, spoke briefly with him after. Very beautiful singing and playing by much in the spirit and at the high level of bob dylan and neil young. so far I am not as thrilled about his new disc I bought....instrumental music. I should have bought one he sings on.

was great, as dylan and i went out for dinner at the village idiot pub across from AGO and this guy next to us bought our dinner. dylan and i think he was a real angel. Not sure who but, lots of possibilities...dylan said it was my great grandpa Bush...can't believe he remembered his name.

then we went to see nash the slash at the ROM...btw thanks to ron gaskin we snuck a few minutes into the busy night at the coolest card yugio cards (sp?) in Toronto...

Great night. Oh yah...I gave a copy of my jazzstory Cd to Lanois' guitar tech....told him this was the next jazz group he would produce. I got quite a kick out of the fact that he slid it into a case with strings, picks etc. labeled "Daniel Lanois"...isn't that the beginning of a story that deserves a good ending?


p.s. saw Mark Mccarron tonight working with Dave Rave (yes...formally front man of teenage head) down at the drake. Mark arranged all their songs for woodwind quartet, guitar and cello. beautiful.
p.p.s congrats to ralph and bongo records on their tenth anniversary.


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