Sunday, June 05, 2005

I have a feeling today will go down as one of the nicest days of the summer in my books (or my blog for sure!).....heck , its not even summer yet is it?

The Little Folk Festival was today in Dufferin Grove Park. Great time. Having a well shaded awesome kids play area was a big bonus for us. Back and forth from music to swings to pizza oven to pool to slide to music. Yahhh!! Most of our friends from the hood were there with their kids...Laura Repo did an amazing job organising it and ended off with an excellent set of music herself. So good to hear Tasa (saw John and Julia's beautiful new baby girl) and a wonderful trio singing Georgian folk music.

Sneaked in a quick work out at the Y and home in time for a nice dinner together. Cant beat it. (i wonder if I will ever preserve these blog postings for my own journal memories?....must look into that...heck it is 2005!!)

It reminded me that I would like to spend more time at folk festivals. Love the laid back vibe. Will have to look into some of those gigs. (i think my hornband could work some of those fests?)

Heres to summer!!!



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