Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I always wish I had more time to write in my blog. this is a good one:

we are rehearsing today at my house for our upcoming hornband tour with Jazz Tuba Legend Howard Johnson. Ok....I have to confess, not everyone would know Howards work. Any serious jazz fans, record collectors, multi instrumentalists and especially tuba players. Yes, he is truly a legend in the Tuba world. It seems to me that not only has he been part of many many classic recording sessions, bands etc. but he has really put his own stamp (an perhaps singlehandedly ) changed the tuba forever.

anyways, we are rehearsing and we stop because we hear a tuba (not Howard) then we go outside and there is a guy playing tuba in the back corner of the park...inches away from my back yard. It freaked us out. (i have never seen a tuba player in the park before....what are the odds?) Anyways, we start talking to him, he doesn't see Howard yet and he sort of gives us glib answers about who he is, what he's doing....tells Howard that his tuba is expensive....band goes back inside and I tell the guy who that was. He ran to my front door faster than I could get back inside (half the distance!) turns out he is a legit tuba player for the winnipeg Symphony. Really nice guy.

what are the chances. This stuff always happens to me, honestly...ask me about the construction guys today...

p.s. we are doing an interview on Jazz Fm on wednesday morning. around 9am. 91.1 FM in toronto or www.jazz.fm


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