Friday, May 06, 2005

Today is a special and sad day. I am thinking about two people who had a great impact on our world. One that I knew; my Mom who's birthday would have been today and the other is the late Bob Hunter, environmentalist who died last week.

It makes me sad to think that my Mom would still be teaching if she was alive. So much potential, lost as she was an amazing teacher that gave so much. Probably the hardest part is thinking about how great she would have got along with my kids and vice versa. I am happy that I can hear her voice still and can imagine how she would say their names. She was such a great Mom and is such a huge part of everything I do every day. Now, she is my main influence when it comes to parenting. I just wish I could keep asking her questions and advice.

Bob Hunter was an amazing person who loved the earth and made his mark by telling people how we should take care of it. He was also an extreme activist. We really need people like this who make their presence felt, and get their message heard.

there are some touching and informative articles on him in both Eye and Now Magazine this week. Worth reading.

Both these special people died too young of Cancer. When will it stop?



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