Tuesday, May 17, 2005

today I am my own zen master. (just ask me! ahah) I am in day four of my single-parenting while Julie is away. I find I must stay focused and organised to make it all work. When things dont work according to plan it gets tricky.

for example, I will never take a guitar to capsule to get repaired again, I show up after they call me to pick it up and the intonation is clearly done wrong. today I go back as promised and it wasnt ready. I did loose my cool for a minute but realised after there was nothing to be gained.

I should have known better than to make my decision based on convenience (rarely a good idea on any topic) I will go back to my old pal russ at the 12th fret from now until he tells me to go away.

Now I have to wake up leo, get him to school for his photo and then take dylan to piano lessons.

fun fun fun...breath through the nose.



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