Sunday, April 24, 2005

This was a fun weekend. I only regret not working out tonight as I got to the Y but forgot my lock. Oh well...Had a lot of fun at Dylan's 6th birthday party yesterday. Somewhere along the line I remember someone saying that you should have as many kids over as the age your child is turning. I like this theory. Today I took Dylan to a party that had about 15 kids...Chaos!

I am looking forward to my gig on Wednesday night with Rob Clutton. I haven't even seen my pal Rob in ages as he has been touring with NOJO.

I need to get to the basement tonight, work on some of the material we are going to play. I guess my workout will be on the strings tonight. (probably a good thing, as I sometimes cannot muster-up much creative energy after a physical workout!)

I was a little frustrated to see the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival program tonight; there is no picture of our band and they say that Kenny Kirkwood is still in the group (he hasn't been for at least a couple years!)

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