Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fun night at the Tranzac last night. Not a great gig, as the music in the back room was too loud. that is okay though because they were all friends and were making some great music and having a joyous, communal evening. The tranny is a magical place. Cassandra and Mellissa are so cool, and it is great having mike there now too. I sometimes wonder how it works they keep it together, who pays the bills etc?

I am a little frustrated about being so broke right now. I dont need much money but being a musician and not being able to afford to buy cds really sucks. I would love to be listening to the new Celina Martin and the new Veda Hille right now. I would go see both of them live soon too but...I would see Ostertag tonight in kitchener but....I would go to the rex tonight to hear Graig Earle but...sunday night is Quinsin's gig....

get to work tim!!


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Robert said...

i hear ya on being a broke-ass CD hound...but u get used to it after a while...sides, ya cant buy EVERYTHIG, u have to eat sometimes, too :)


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