Thursday, March 10, 2005

shovel your sidewalk!

shovel your sidewalk!
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I slipped on the ice on someone's sidewalk last night and now I am stuck on this couch with a swollen ankle, some new crutches ($25) and spent morning at the Emergency . Thanks to Corry for the lift there! (and for picking up Dylan at school today)

I am glad it is not broken, just badly sprained but I am also frustrated. this will mean no hockey for a while. Little problems like this are always good as they remind us of how lucky we are to have only little problems. the kid beside me slipped on the ice last night and was paralyzed (seemingly from the neck down), another woman slipped and broke a rib.

Please clean your walks. My friends environmental group claims you are doing little to no damage if you just use small amounts of salt. (i don't know the details on this)

I am looking forward to putting on my headphones and listening to the Cdr of the "final mix" of my new hornband Cd that was in my mail box today. Yah!!!!


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