Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I finally got down to Atom Egoyan's cinema/bar Cameraand saw a film. It was horrendous, I had to leave about halfway through but I was still glad I went. I find it exciting that they are bringing in independent Canadian films.

The poetry in Trains of Winnipeg would have been the worst part had the sound not been so bad. I think this is common for film people...ie. they blow their budget and then worry about music, voiceover, mixing, mastering etc.

I really think I will have to email Peter Goddard who is quoted as saying how important this film is to Canada...or something like that. (I often agree with him...not this time)

Oh well, good adventure, good to be home early and I like seeing/hearing things I dont like. You can learn so much from that experience, even if it is just learning more about ones own taste.


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