Saturday, March 19, 2005

Had a good time at Paul Dutton's Cd launch last night. Really enjoyed hearing him with Rob and Tomas. We are really lucky the Tranzac club exists these days. there is so much stuff that happens there....I am not sure where else it would happen. Today was really a day to forget. So much craziness in this house. Our kids seem wound up like timebombs these days. I have to wonder if we are doing something wrong. I find they live the life of artists already. (I realize how ridiculous that sounds but....) Their highs are so high but their lows are rock bottom. We seem to be able to go from paradise to hell in ten seconds. (maybe that is the name of my autobiograpy) Paradise to Hell in Ten Seconds; the life of an artist as parent.

I did find it really weird that there were no people from the local poetry scene at Paul's show last night. I still find it inspiring somehow when Michael Snow is in the room...especially just showing up as a listener. Heh...if it's good enough for MS...


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