Sunday, February 20, 2005

What a great day for Hockey. I would trade in many of my guitars before I would give up hockey. Outdoor really is the best!

Went over with my neigbour Michael, brought our boys, got them on the ice for a bit. Then they hit the hill while we played for an hour or so. Michael and I swapped cds and he is quite a fine singer songwriter. We thought it was funny that he knew no one on my record. (different scenes!) but I think it is cool that Lewis Melville played a big part in both our records. thanks Uncle Lew!

I just read a really inspiring and insighful (not to mention rare) interview with Henry Threadgill

Randall pointed out a few great quotes from it: “I could turn into Jesus tomorrow and you wouldn't know it.”

“I'm scared to come out of the house because I think someone's going to give me a CD,” he said. “I've never had so much recorded music that I didn't pay for in my life.”

back to the kids...


At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, this was a description by Henry of his music for some shows he did at the "old" Knitting Factory some years ago. I attended. it was awesome.
"I do music, period. Jazz, European orchestral music, American religious music, white and black, parades. All types of functional music, period. All of it. Whatever you don't use just goes out the gills. I hear a sound inside and don't know what it is. It's just a big globe of sound, a murky thing with no defined edges. I'm interested in sound. I don't care how you generate it - electronically, non-electronically. I don't care if it's an ice cube in a bucket."
Ted Phillips


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