Friday, February 11, 2005

tommorrow is my Dad's birthday. happy bday Pops!!

It was truly great to play hockey today. After a week of sick kids, missing it last week because of that too...I am getting really excited the more I think about releasing my new Cd with Howard Johnson. I think partly because there is an a station here now that will probably/hopefully embrace the release and play it. that would be nice.

Great article on Ellery Eskelin in the new improv mag...hmm. what is that called again. They were the cover story. I am amazed how much I learn and how inspired I get from reading about other artist's lives. It is funny, that...I mean artists in 1800s find inspiration in other artists personal stories. Where would they hear them? I still get inspired by snow falling in the sunlight or a beautiful Churchbell singing or my kids or whatever but I love reading about other artists lives.

I am going to watch this Charles Bukowski DVD, must return it tommorrow.


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