Saturday, January 15, 2005

There is so much going on in this city it is crazy. Yet....I sit at home tonight. I was hoping to make Barry Romberg's CD launch at the Rex tonight (when they have their shit together you can get their listings at this link....right now it is empty)

Murley is at the Montreal Bistro (to me that seems like another city, it is so far from where I live...especially in the winter) and the AIMTraps up its fundraiser tonight. i went down last night and it was a good scene, good fun and some good music.

I really can't afford to go out two nights in a row, financially or time-wise. I complain that I am getting no work done and then out late; hanging out? Makes no sense. I do wish I picked up a Falafel when I went for a walk a few minutes ago though...that bowl of Shreddies is not going to be quite as good!



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