Sunday, January 30, 2005


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I am going to try and mention everything in this posting. Parenting is covered as I took my biggest kid up north and we tried ice fishing with his uncle andy and my uncle murray. fun. Now i can cross that off my list of things to do in life (still haven't slept with high school french teacher or tried acid or...)

the highschool french teacher thing is a a quote from Last Night. I wanted to see Don McKellars new film Childstar? but our babysitter was too tired for us to hang out all night on friday. We did make it to the new hot club though the SupermarketGreat vibe, good music. (hope to play that back room soon as it rocks!) and the udo noodle soup was the best soup I have ever had!!!

Back to the weekend. No hockey on tv at the cottage!! sucks. Would have been Ottawa vs Toronto. Why did they tell me that. You would think I brought a guitar and practised instead? nope. Had to crosscountry ski in so no luck.

also good news that our European part of the Hornband tour with Howard Johnson is looking up!! Watch here for details (and to hear a couple pre-release mp3s!!!

back to work. lots to do. sorry I havent been bloggin for a few days.



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