Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Lots of listening in these home days. Whether I am with the kids or working alone I keep those cds spinning. How fast do they go?

Jean Martin's new Laconner disc is really good. take Jesse Zubot and Francois Houle improvising, let Jean mix, compose, record, improvise, sing, you name is really interesting. I am anxious to hear the mini disc I have of the Jazzstory gig from the other night. I havent had a new jazzstory set to listen to in sometime. I am getting quite a bit of smiles from the Grossman/Posgate gig (yes we need a name for our duo) the other night.

Enjoying the Shostakovich string quartets that andrew downing loaned me. Checking out a new disc by guitar player Matt Stevens. Not sure how I feel about that one yet. Certainly some good guitar playing on it.

My guilty pleasure, I suppose is the new Rheostatics disc. I like it. Not all of it but some of it is great.

I think I need a bowl of shreddies. (that is so Burlington eh?)



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