Thursday, November 25, 2004

runcible spoon

runcible spoon
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Opening night of the Grand Festival was great. Good attendance for a cold and rainy wednesday night. Lots of good music and happy people.

Eric Chenaux played a beautiful set of original songs seemingly inspired by his love of English folk music combined with his natural abilities with improvised music. (interesting combination!) His bowed guitar piece was some of the most beautiful guitar playing i have ever heard.

runcible spoon was a lot of fun, as always. Last night had Tania Gill on fender rhodes and Lina Allemano sitting in with her warm and unique trumpet voice where the viola usually sits in this band. My fave piece was the Dave Clark composition they did and I was happy and pleasantly suprised they played my piece called Foxtrot.

See you tonight for Clutton/Bourne/Oswald and then Porkchops.


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