Friday, November 26, 2004


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How many alto players does it take to change a light bulb? I don't know, but having Brodie West and John Oswald both on a double bill was a great thing. The stage-to-audience dialogue between Brodie and John during the Porkchops set was hilarious and brilliant. Exciting to hear a trio like Porkchops communicate using jazz as the main language with so much deep listening.

Before them, Clutton/Bourne/Oswald played a beautiful improv set with "deep listening" cellist Anne Bourne punctuating most improvised sections with her beautiful voice. A highlight for me being the tension caused by a somewhat obvious decrescendo ending being drawn out to become some sort of penultimate coda followed by a similar but different suprise ending.

Just when I thought I had become familiar with John Oswald's always interesting saxophone style, the opportunity to perform with two bowed instruments seemed to inspire him in totally new directions.

Hope to see you tonight for my set with Hurdy Gurdy player Ben Grossman followed by ATM+Guy.


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