Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wow, I am really procrastinating on this piece of music I have to write. I want to write it. (of course!) It is just that I have to have it done by this weekend and I cant seem to get inside of it and go for it. Writing in my blog is not helping at all of course. There are certain people I hope that don't read this (although not a big deal) That is part of the chance you take keeping a blog.

After I finish complaining about it here and maybe after checking out a couple other blogs. (the herbie hancock thing I found on Erg Jazz is really worth checking out!)

I will sit at the piano and do a little work but by the time I get to the mood to do a little work, it is bedtime....don't forget I do have to get up at 7am!!!

dont forget: the Grand Festival Website


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