Thursday, October 14, 2004


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Since the hockey strike I ignore the televsion. I have actually named it the HM (hockey monitor) Tonight I was reminded how great tvo, especially studio two can be.

Tonight had talk of the hockey strike, a feature on a photography show I would like to see at the AGO and my friend Lina Allemano playing trumpet with her Lina Allemano four.

Fun to see your friends interviewed. You always see a part of them you dont get to see very often.

Yahhh Lina!!

I have to mention last night too. I saw the Reveries. It was some of the funniest, weiredest, most beautiful and mysterious music I have seen in a while. ryan driver playing the "yardstick bass" was worth the price of admission itself. the guitar player before them playing solo was good to. I got in his space just as he finished. Oh well.


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