Saturday, October 16, 2004


Originally uploaded by tim posgate.
If you look carefully that is a guitar amp behind my skate. (don't ask) But skating is on my mind as I took Dylan to his first skating lesson tonight. It was so much fun. He was so proud. He has even had trouble standing up until now and he was back and forth across the ice numerous times without the pylon today.

I think our excitement was mutual and he was really pumped about getting a suprise after out of the gumball machine. (I think that was his favourite part too!)

I am still trying to find a good order for the new Cd with Howard Johnson. I am sure one day I will get it.

All this fun with the kids reminds me how lucky I am that my music isn't in great demand these days. I would be sad to be on the road too much while my kids are so young. I think things are almost perfect.

(Okay, I wouldn't mind having a few more gigs)


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