Sunday, October 17, 2004


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As you know, I dont like tv much these days with the hockey strike going on.

tonight was a definite exception, on the CBC. The Greatest Canadian was a good show. Entertaining, funny, emotional (I can't watch Terry Fox footage without crying) and controversial. (yes, I was glad to see Don Cherry make the top ten!)

You can find out more here

I could never be a great canadian because I like to brag too much! haha ie., I predicted (with my brother's help) 7 of the top ten picked by our general public.

The ones I missed were, Lester B Pearson, David Suzuki and tommy Douglas.

Of course, the idea of picking one person is quite ridiculous but I am in it for all the celebrating of Great Canadians.

For example, I always wondered why there was a school in Burlington called Tecumseh...

I think someday I would like to take a train ride with Julie and the kids to the West Coast. I wonder what age that would work best at. rush.

I feel a little chill in my bones (could be that we haven't turned on the furnace yet) I hope I am not coming down with something.

Maybe it is just my body reacting to working out today after a week without exercise?

btw, I might vote for Wayne.


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