Saturday, September 25, 2004

this post is mostly for me, to read tommorrow and again when I get busy at home etc.

It is time to get back to the guitar. I heard tony malaby, tom rainy and Mark helias tonight. very inspiring. these guys are so good individually. this is not to say that the band wasnt great as it was but their chops and musicianship were very inspiring. I cant help thinking; if i have time to blog....Okay practising takes more time but I need to make that time.

I am so happy when i am practising anyways...I am a better person/lover/parent...friend etc.

It has been a while but usually a tour or an exciting gig is what it takes. so....I will read this again in the morning.

hats off to ken and joe for making this happen. good fun. so great to see a social/musical event happen in my neigbourhood!!!


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