Thursday, September 30, 2004

a mellow night of blog reading, email etc. sometimes I find it frustrating how little email I receive compared to how much I send. Am I paranoid...does no one like me, my music or both? Ok, I am paranoid.

Between mike daley's blog Zoilus and I never have a shortage of reading as the links etc. take me all kinds of places.

I think i will head downstairs and practise. It is late but I had that mid evening nap after reading dylan a story.

My itunes is playing a cut called "rob clutton", from my new Unreleased cd, I love the random play feature. Just before this the Mike Murley cut and Sonic youth sounded quite beautiful...interesting how music functions together, in different orders. (re: my last post about Ed...perhaps that was the "problem")

I did find a nice Ed Bickert transcription last night at roy patterson's web site

Okay, too much typing, not enough, I dont like the new tune on itunes (why is it on my computer you ask?)



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