Thursday, September 23, 2004

It is a hot day to be outside listening to our mayor speak but; he had good news! His plans for the artscene in toronto sound positive and like he is actually "plugged in."

He used the artsweekto declare that 2006 will be a year that is dedicated to the arts in toronto.

Was good to hear Molly Johnson; beautiful songs, phrasing, and an uplifting vibe! Andrew Craig sounded really good on piano too. the promise of the $5 lunch was worth it too (except for the abundance of styrofoam containers everywhere)

I had a really good chicken in a green curry.

I stopped in at Wynitt and Tuck gallery at 401 Richmond on the way home for the Kim Adams show. It is worth seeing for sure!!

He continues in his tradition of trains, housing and sex (you have to look carefully for the sex)

Some great photographs by Kim too. (i think he refers to them as research slides)


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