Thursday, September 16, 2004

I had a great time at cafe Brasiliano this morning. Everyone, including the clientele seem so happy there all the time. I am not sure why but it is great.

there was a guy there filming people talking about why they like coffee and this gave the morning an extra entertaining vibe. Watching peoples excitement or sometimes shy reaction to the camera was funny. There was also this guy with a huge head of grey fuzzy hair and big glasses that was watching the whole thing that seemed almost like a "plant" to make people laugh or smile or something. I think he might be the cook there.

Jessica at the Dip is also very happy all the time. perhaps this is the reason I go to these places all the time. I like happy people.

I am also reminded this morning of a great article/interview years ago on bob wiseman where he talked about searching out the great and beautiful parts of great coffee, great music, great food, interesting people...etc. I hope I still have that article somewhere. I think it was in Exclaim.

Speaking of great music I am listening to Paul Haine's Cd Darn It. I am so sad when think of Paul. He seemed like such a great guy. I was just getting to know him when he passed away. I am glad he left things like this cd to remember him by. His sense of humour is really a part of this record.

You can find it at:


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