Friday, September 03, 2004

Bjork's Medulla has been the reason for this post:

I have never really felt like I was an artist that would be remembered as one of the greats or someone who changed the face of music etc.

I do however often find circumstances where artists are being celebrated for things I have already done myself. Bjork's new disc for example sounds a lot like my latest record with the six piece folk choir.

Dylans Dream: would be a good example but there are even better ones on the disc.

Of course there is no one with that unique Bjork voice, phrasing etc.

Then I look at the new Bill Frisell disc at the record store today (produced by Hal Wilner) and see there is a tune called goodbye goodbye goodbye. Well go figure; my next disc has a tune called Goodbye, Au Revoir

Sure, now I am splitting hairs but it always seems that things like that happen to me. Sometimes I wonder if it is just because I notice these kind of things or what?

I wasnt really excited after a quick listen to the Bill Frisell at the record store. I think I tend to get a little critical and maybe even bitter of these people that make records with huge budgets. Heck...give me $40 K to make a record...I'll make you a record!


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