Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Although I was very happy to have Mike Hansen back on the radio today, it did leave me feeling a little frustrated. He had Vancouver guitarist Ron Samworth on the air and Mike talked mostly about how great Vancouver's scene is.

I suppose he didn't deny the fact that Toronto has a lot going on but both of them talked about lack of organisation here. Not really sure what they mean.

Two things we don't have here are 1) Ken Pickering (there is only one Ken Pickering and I am glad he exists at all, Vancouver or whererever)

2) Artists being invited, to perform abroad and record etc. on a regular basis. This is mostly happening if you ask me; because of the connections and experiences the Vancouver artists have had at Ken Pickering's festival.

No need to drool, be jealous etc. Two very different places (T.O. and Van) for numerous reasons and one really big reason: KP.

Let's just get back to work.

happy Wednesday!



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