Sunday, September 26, 2004

After reading a couple long and occasionally encouraging articles about the recording industry on one of my fave blogs Erg's Jazz and other, I feel i should turn off the computer and practise...

but I also feel less crazy or something...the recent announcement of Atom Egoyan's "art film" theatre opening is adding to my feeling. It is called the cameraIt is a movie house that holds fifty or sixty folks. they will play films that are not eeked out by the mainstream etc.

This sounds so much like some of the music that I like and that I perform; most specifically our annual Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness.

Sometimes I think it is a little strange that we put so much energy into a festival that packs out at 40-50 people in a small space.

If it is good enough for Atom...

practise tim practise!!!


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