Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rats, I forgot to try the "blog by phone" approach while I was away. Oh well. good to have a little holiday from blogland. I know you crazy bloggers out there probably missed my sharp wit and day in day out attention to detail etc....haha

here I am writing and not really in the mood...ho hum. I am a little concerned as my new computer crashed for the first time since I bought it. ( i have had small crashes but this was the first full seize up) I think it was like lovers being away for so long. I got back online etc. and have been going crazy sending, reading crashed. this the beginning of the end?

could be...hope not...well guess it was a tax write off.

I really did tune out of music for a few days while away. Usually I am working on something even if it is just in my mind but this time I really did shut down for a few days.

will be great to play Friday night. I am reading a book on improvisation (ok...I guess I didnt completely shutdown) by Derek Bailey.

I have heard it is a great book. I wouldn't go that far yet. It is interesting and has inspired me to check out more indian and flamenco music. (maybe some greatful dead too!)

I watched American Graffiti while I was away. i remember reading about it in Walter Murch's book but not sure why he mentioned it. It was fun, great music and directed by George Lucas and produced by Coppola.

I think Murch did the sound editing. I did watch it with headphones on and the "soundscape" for this movie was quite interesting as it had a constant drone of radio, background conversation or cars going on.

Chow for now.


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