Monday, August 02, 2004

I just watched a very inspiring film on TVO about climbing mount everest. It is not something I would often be interested in but this was dealing as much or more with the father/son releationship of two of the climbers as it was the mountain itself. It was interesting how much regard this man held for his father. I want to be a great inspiration to my sons like this man was to his son.

I think this man lived out his dreams and was therefore an inspiration to his son. I suppose those dreams could be anything (I know I wont be climbing Everest!)

This feeling is contradictory to my thoughts about parenting thus far. I have been considering the early years the key and after that, the relationship can go as it may. I never really thought about how I could continue to be quite important in their lives in later years.

I suppose life is like climbing a mountain; you keep learning, growing and changing and taking a new perspective.


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