Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I dont think I posted yesterday. i have been busy upkeeping my son Dylan's new blog and other important summer type things.

Even now, dylan sits here and tells me what to write about. He wants me to talk about tennis. Yes it is true. I finally got out and hit a ball. First time since Dylan was born 5.5 years ago. I took both the boys over to the school wall a couple times and we had a blast. (except for the fact that my tennis elbow was back within minutes!)

I am looking forward to playing a gig Thursday night in Burlington with a couple guys I have never played with before. It is at the Canyon Creek Bar and the leader is a drummer named Chris Cawthray. (i have heard him on the radio on a duo record he made with Mike Occhipinti)

It is fun playing with new people, at a new place. Lots of adventure.


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