Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Here is a quote from a friend of mine that seems to explain in a poetic way why some people cheer for the Leafs no matter what! Personally, my Leaf goggles seem to be broken right now but perhaps the first sign of fall I will blow the dust off the blue and white jersey...

Bring back Wendel!

"the best description for my leaf goggles or
leaf tinted glasses would apply the insect
semi-infinite cubist vision, that panomara
where 32 of everything walks across the room,
but enacted through the detail lazer nightvision
of the thousands of satellites circling the earth,
visible from the arctic on a tralfamadorian scale,
past and future linked as one. all adding up to those
impossible moments when, one era Clark,
another Roberts, simuleffects a progression
of skating a crunching tankforce impossibly
at insane angle across the only pt a to b
that would yield a surprise topshelf angle
on the subsequent shot, tying a game 1-1."

John Barlow


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