Thursday, July 15, 2004

Well, I am sure I am not the first to say it but; dont go see farenheit 9/11. Okay, if you have lots of time and see lots of movies you may as well see it. Or if you think war is good or W Bush is a good president you must see it.

I feel a little bit like those criticizing the non smoking policy in toronto or something but it just wasnt a very good film in my opinion. I really liked the opening. It was a great idea (although it didnt take a genius) to decide not to show the planes going into the WTC.

Watching one half hour of ads and trailers at a really loud volume didnt help my experience either I suppose.

I see so few films...must see saddest music, ciggarettes and coffee and a few others. I was glad to go see a movie with my brother cause I enjoy doing things with him and I was able to catch the last tune and the hang with friends at the rex. Okay, it wasnt a terrible evening but definitely a mediocre film. (if you have to watch it get the video)

Sorry Mike,


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