Monday, July 12, 2004

Imagine if everyone who listened to music, checked out art etc. took a minute to let the artists know how much they like it. I think we would have way more happy artists in the world. I have no problem with file sharing, downloading etc. but I want people to let me know what they think.

I suppose I really want to hear the positive feedback but if some of my friends or knowledgable listeners have some negative feedback, at least I would know they were listening. you know what I mean?

sometimes I wonder. Even this blog! Thank you to those of you who do drop me a line occasionally and at least mention that you are reading. Even that is better than no message at all. I suppose I dont need the positive review as much as I would just like to know that someone listened to my new record while eating their shreddies.

You see, sonic youth as an example; they dont need to hear from you. Just by shear numbers, they know that at least some of those sales were from people who listen on a regular basis. ( I am one of them)

when you have no distribution, you are not touring much and the media attention is minimal...even an email from a relative that you gave the cd means a lot!

Ok, so you know. I am here waiting. Hope those shreddies are not getting mushy...


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