Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I find it amusing how one can enjoy music they despised a little more than a year ago. yes, I am talking about myself again here at my little blog, on my little computer, with my little self centered brain...

the music in question is that of Kurt Rosenwinkel. I saw him play live in Vancouver a couple summers back and despised the concert. So much so that I walked out halfway through. It was extra interesting as one of my bandmates stayed and completely adored the music.

So, here we are 2004 (summer) and i (never one to give up) put on the cd of that band (which someone gave me shortly after that show). I like it. I really do. I always knew he was a really good guitarist but I didnt like his compositions or much of his improvising. Well, never trust me for opinions I suppose. I like it now quite a bit. Somew really innovative and beautiful guitar playing.

I guess this is a good thing. The willingness to change and/or admit i was wrong. I suppose I wasnt wrong, I just felt differently and heard things differently back then. In some ways it is not unlike the way it takes numerous listens to a Cd when you buy it to really enjoy it and then eventually love it!

Anyways, way to go Kurt. i hope I have another chance to hear you play live.



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