Friday, July 30, 2004

I am not feeling really inspired to write but...can be good to get something out no matter how large or small...I was inspired and excited by my sister's photographs from her trip to China. Not only was the trip a massive effort, challenging for language reasons, beautiful architecture, family experiences, country vs city type travelling but she takes some great photos.

Is everyone an artist? I would certainly hang some of her photos in my house.

Other than that, I feel sort of in between things right now. i suppose getting home after being away does that too. Perhaps, I am already getting tired of the summer vacation type of living. Yes, I really do get happy when I get some work done (oh yah, I played a gig today...)

I was hoping to rent a dvd tonight but Queen Video closed at llpm. Must remember that; 11-11 365 days per year. I do have a new stack of computer magazines (thanks Danny!)...definitely my recent guilty pleasure.

Ok, guess I should sleep...



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