Monday, June 07, 2004

I have no live shows coming up. I thought it would be a nice change but I am starting to lose it already. I guess I will see how it goes, could be nice being at home, working at a leisurely pace...hmmmm. we will see.

I have taken to reflecting on the last year and a half and listening to recordings of new works, live shows etc. I am going to start burning them as well as as making them available for filesharing.

Heck, I wrote a lot of music in the last couple years and I want more people to hear it. Plus, it is fun to listen to music that i finished a year or two ago. I have enough distance to really listen and check it out like someone other than me might do.

please feel free to try downloading from me; search: Tim Posgate

drop me a line too:

This has been your jazz filesharing update, I am your host, gitty siblotnick.


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