Friday, June 25, 2004

I am starting to understand why people stay home so much. I have always been one to be out most of the time. checking out shows, hanging with friends etc.

This new computer is my anchor to home now. I read my fave blogs, (thanks Carl) check out the Globe, do some work, listen to music the whole time on itunes, including downloading bands I am reading about new cds etc.

Okay, i went for a walk to queen video and got a fellini flick...but Ill watch it on the computer too. I have never been set up like this but have known others who speak of this type of life but I never really understood.

Having said all that...I went out to hear Rob and Randi's cd launch tonight at the Transzac. Great fun!! Being out, seeing friends hearing music played live. You cant beat it!

Here is the problem: remembering that fact. Live art is the best. Don't forget it. Turn off your computer (or at least put it to sleep)


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