Friday, May 21, 2004

what a great night at lees palace last night. brodie west and han bennink. packed....big party, great music, hot and sweaty may night. sex in the could smell it.. bloor street was and my bike and followed dave through the back alleys at lightning speed...we got there.. tons of friends, the big rock palace. very cool.

got up to the front so we could watch Han sweat! he was great...they were great. perfect venue for it. I said to reg that that vibe was probably a lot more like the good ol days, say art blakey or something than the sterile vibe of many of our clubs today.

the Ex were great too. I havent seen many punk shows in my day but these guys were tight. I will have to get a disc...need poetry and painting and poetry and painting and poetry.. that is a good one.

way to go Ron Gaskin...another great night. you are raising this city up like the stanley cup.

speaking of which I am out the door to the hockey rink!



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