Wednesday, May 05, 2004

here is a post from last saturday:

I was excited to be turning on my computer after a long day of traveling, and performing here in Wakefield.

I was excited by my newfound technology but not as excited to find that it is 313am…knowing we are planning to meet at ten am.

I love it here at the blacksheep in. Paul Symes is a great man. Very generous, interesting and friendly. And how bout that Bill Stunt. Hanging out a bit tonight was like listening to bandwidth. He is very cool too.

Ihave now seen the Dinner is Ruined at least three times and they have been completely different every time.

We had a good show. I love feeling like we have communicated with your audience. That was the case tonight. Sold some cds tooo.

We were a little rough around the edges but I felt the spirit of the band prevailed.

Goodnight all.

Tired tim,


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