Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Had a great jazzstory rehearsal today. First time all of us played together since the grand festival of autumnal happiness.

It is a great band. amazes me how the minute we start playing there is a group sound that is like no other. I think so anyways.

I was reminded of a pat metheny essay i read years ago about how hard it was for him to be creative night in night out on a 250 date tour. the art of one nighters for a year etc. He had a point for sure. He was not complaining but just pointing out that those folks like me who tour for only weeks at a time wouldnt really be able to relate.
I was thinking today about the art of occasional touring. Jazzstory, as I said, hasnt played together in months...we are doing a radio broadcast live on friday and two other dates. we had a focused rehearsal today, refreshed anything that was newish and moved on. I am sure it will be a smokin mini-tour. It would surely be different if we toured for months at a time, all year long. I would like to try it someday for sure.



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