Saturday, February 28, 2004

What a great week! Very intense, beautiful and highly education for myself. (beats the heck out of takin
Spending five days with Howard Johnson was a spiritual experience. I cant believe how much the
making of this new record was all about the process. Lina and Quinsin were so great too. As a group
we really came together, worked hard and got to know one another on new a greater levels. I am less
concerned with what the record sounds like today (I wont hear rough mixes until Ross mails them to me)
as I am with just how much we all learned and experienced by being together. I dont remember feeling
this way about other sessions. This was about friends, comomunity (great turnout at the gig!) and
music as an artform. The ability to project our individual characters into the music became stronger
than ever. I suppose Howard was leading us on this one by example. Last night I picked up a guitar and
played through some of the music (two days later) and I feel stronger as a guitarist too. Wow. All this
from a record date. Beautiful. I am a lucky person. Thanks to Howard, Lina, Quinsin and Ross.


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