Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The people at Verve made a huge mistake dropping Howard Johnson as an artist! Perhaps if bottom
line is all that matters, they think they have a good reason.

I would argue that a good promotional budget and plan behind a legendary and entertaining artist like this
would reap benefits. Just like the popular music world, they choose certain artists on their roster to
emphasise with the big money machine and others to ignore.

Howard had a record on Verve (not release in North America) called Arrival. It is so special. He only
plays Baritone and wrote all the beautiful arrangements (tribute to his friend Pharoah Sanders)

I am burning a copy as we speak and would be willing to burn it for those who want to hear it.

It is not even availabe any more. It is truly sad. I question whether Verve is a classic and important
Jazz label as they suggest they might be.

tim posgate


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