Friday, February 20, 2004

Other than my big show with Howard Johnson on Monday (wow I am excited!)

this would be my pick of the week here in Toronto:

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:34:08 -0500
Subject: Dave Clark & Les Blancs Live
From: Dave Clark
To: Dave Clark

Les Blancs Brilliants!
(Sageev Oore - piano, Dave Clark - drums & Dani Oore - saxophone/didjereedoo)

3 Toronto Concerts!

Thursday Feb 19th @ C'est What
w/ Rock Plaza Central & Jack Breakfast
Located @ Front St. and Church St.

Friday Feb 20th @ The Cameron House
w/ the Mountainside Band & Steven Dall (Ottawa)
Located 1 block West of Spadina on Queen St

Saturday Feb 21st @ the Array Space
The ARRAYMUSIC Studio is at 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite. 218. Atlantic Avenue runs south off of King Street, just a few blocks west of Strachan Avenue. It is one block south of King Street at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Liberty Street. Please enter through the door located off the adjacent parking lot and come upstairs to Suite. 218.

Les Blancs Brilliants!
Les Blancs Brilliants share a skill and passion for music in the moment. This trio is brand spanking new, but is founded on some old relationships, so is the music: first breath out of the womb, but worn like a glove. The trio members’ backgrounds in rock, jazz, avante garde and classical traditions, have lead them to form close, daring and fruitful collaborations with such leaders as Jerry Granelli, Gord Downie, and Fides Krucker. Les Blancs Brilliants have been featured soloists in the orchestras of Fred Frith, Sam Rivers, and Georg Tintner; and regularly conduct and compose for the Upstream and Woodchoppers orchestras. The Oore brothers and Mr. Clark have collectively appeared on over forty-five cds, performed on national and international radio, television and web broadcasts, made the subject of a film, and are critically acclaimed for their artistic efforts. They have collaborated with dancers Andrea Nann, Yvonne Ng and Sara Shelton Mann/Contraband, jammed with the Sun Ra Arkestra and published research with neural-networks expert Geoffrey Hinton and graphics guru Demetri Terzopoulos. Now the Oore’s and Clark come together, in a mass of white fire.


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