Friday, January 30, 2004

What a great party! I got to hear the new CD over the warbly speakers for the outdoor skating....very funny.
Lots of good friends and artists that were a part of the making of this Cd. thanks for coming!!

The staff at Dufferin Grove were very cool and helpful. I loved the fact that Peter McPhee and I were both
wearing our skates for the performance. I have to post the photos somewhere (stay tuned!)

In the Future of Your Dream (having a skating party cd launch was a dream come true)

Lots of people pitched in to helo. Thanks. Rob Clutton really helped out. Yah Rob!!! Oh and Lina Allemano played
some trumpet that was the icing on the cake for sure.

Very cool, very cool. My favourite moment was thanking my son Dylan in public for all his inspiration etc.
I think he may have blushed for the first time in his life.



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