Monday, November 10, 2003

It is interesting as a jazz artist to play in many styles. What is a style eh Brodie? hmmm.. Well, Friday nigh
was free, intense open music, last night was standards, entertaining at a restaurant (it had been a long
time since I had done that) and tonight is the Grand Festival (Jazzstory is from 9-10pm at Revival) with Jazzstory.

What's it all about? I dont know. I suppose one commonality is getting better and better at playing guitar.
Perhaps, being relaxed and listening is another. The energy, intent, result and feelings seem quite different
to me. Perhaps they dont have to be. I suppose any sort of expectations could play a big part in that.

All this talk, typing and thinking reminds me I had better get down to the studio and practise. Hope to see
you tonight!!


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