Sunday, November 23, 2003

Hockey VS Music (Gretzky vs Zappa)

It finally happened; I had to decide. Hockey or music? Or maybe it happens all the time...hmmm, it did happpen
last week when I had to choose between rehearsing or playing a shinny game with Paul Coffey, it happens
when I decide to play hockey once a week vs twice because of music.

Hmmm, I guess I have a little problem.

This time was intense! Yesterday at 430pm EST one of my fave radio shows on CBC; Definitely Not the Opera was
having a feature on Frank Zappa by one of my favourite music analysts, proffessor, writer etc. Rob Bowman.

Frank Zappa is one of my main inspirations and someone I think about all the time. ( I wish I had met him and heard
him perform live.

At the exact same time CBC television (wow, I am wired to the Corporation eh?) was showing the Heritage Classic Hockey Game with the old timer Oilers vs the Old timer Habs. Gretzky vs Lafleur!! And they werr
playing outside.

Of course I have no blank cassettes or VHs tapes. (hard to believe eh?) I thought I would make my choice
naturally when the time came...the theme music started for Hockey Night IN Canada and on came Rob waxing
poetic about Zappa.

I couldnt do it. I couldnt turn one of them off or even lower the volume. I litteraly sat so that one ear was
listening to the radio and one watching the TV. This was pretty funny as I didnt really catch the nuance of
either. But that could have been because my 16month old son Leo was crying next to me in his mothers arms as well.

I guess I really know now that I am divided in my passions, and when people say "it's just music," or "its just
hockey." I will remember this funny saturday afternoon in November.


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