Sunday, November 17, 2002

HI here is my first post using a blog in my journal (. Hope to start updating this much more often.

Here is the info on our November Jazz Series:

Rob Clutton and Tim Posgate present
the Grand Festival of Autumnal Happiness
Mondays in November
at REVIVAL /the basement
783 College St. (at Shaw)
416 535-7888

Cover Charge $8, $6 (for students and artists)

Nov 4
The Guayaveras 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Brodie West 9pm

Nov ll
Mike Milligan (solo bass) 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Bill Grove 9pm

Nov l8
Helen Porter (stories) w/ Lina Allemano and Rob Clutton 730pm
Posgate/Clutton and Reg Schwager 9pm

Nov 25
Barnyard Drama 730
Posgate/Clutton and Doug Tielli 9pm


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